BioMinerale and BioMinerale Junior



"BIO MINERALE" and "BIOMINERAL Junior" contains no sweeteners, sugars or preservatives, making them healthy and low calorie drinks. BIO MINERALE and BioMinerale Junior is available in 3 flavors: lemon, orange and apple.

BIO MINERALE and BIOMINERAL Junior is based on natural mineral water with a mineralization of 713.00 mg / l. manufactured. An important advantage of "BIO MINERALE" drinks is the use of exclusively natural aromas based on organic fruits.

The "BIO MINERALE" and "BIOMINERAL Junior" drinks offered by the MARINO companies therefore have the EU organic certificate, which confirms the status of "BIO" drinks.

Thanks to the average amount of carbon dioxide, drinks are also dedicated to the youngest people and are a great alternative to high-calorie drinks. All this means that "BIO MINERALE" and "BIOMINERAL Junior" drinks will perfectly quench your thirst and have a positive effect on your body.


The recipiens of our products are large retail chains in the country and abroad, eg. In Western Europe, including Germany.

Quality and safety

Water and drinks are studied systematically by the NIH Institute Fresenius in Taunsstein and laboratory works.


Investment in part of equipment in more and more modern production lines enable the realisation of the growing demand quality to our customers.