FRAUSTADT "The Mineral Water"

Composition of the characteristic components in mg / l of FRAUSTADT mineral water from the Life 6 well

Soda Na+ 52,00 mg/l fluoride F- 0,28 mg/l
Potassium K+ 5,10 mg/l chloride Cl- 16,78 mg/l
Calcium Ca2+ 72,09 mg/l bicarbonate HCO3 497,51 mg/l
Magnesium Mg2+ 30,71 mg/l sulfate SO42- 14,4 mg/l

Total water mineralization: 727,99 mg / l


FRAUSTADT "The Mineral Water" is available as Still water - Medium - Carbonated in PET bottles of

0.5 l. - 1 l. - 2 l. - 3.05 l. - 5 liters


The recipiens of our products are large retail chains in the country and abroad, eg. In Western Europe, including Germany.

Quality and safety

Water and drinks are studied systematically by the NIH Institute Fresenius in Taunsstein and laboratory works.


Investment in part of equipment in more and more modern production lines enable the realisation of the growing demand quality to our customers.